Concept 'Layers'

At Milan Design Week, the new, sustainable 'Layers' luminaire was unveiled. This special 3D printed pendant lamp was commissioned by Signify (Philips MyCreation).

Sustainable and successful product design

By engaging in a purposeful design process together, we turn ideas into sustainable, successful products.

Basten Leijh Design

Welcome to the world of sustainable product design. Basten Leijh Design Studio is led by product and concept developer Basten Leijh, who works according to a self-developed working methodology. Sustainability is at the heart of this, in which the process of arriving at a design is as important as the design itself. Basten Leijh works for interior design companies and for technical companies and can rely on an extensive portfolio of successful designs. From innovative and sustainable interior solutions (furniture, waste systems) to special lighting concepts and bicycles.

'The process is just as important as the final product' ~ Basten Leijh

You can read all about Basten Leijh's vision here.

Directly view the special working methodology developed by Basten Leijh? Then click here.


My strength is in the concept: inspiring to surprise and earthy enough to execute. I often think in modular product families. This ensures efficient production and gives the end user the feeling of customization.


Many product designs for my clients have not only been a commercial success but have also become the eye-catcher of their brand. Such as Loungescape, Médard, Downtown, Tulip, Barrow and Sandwichbikes.


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