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Basten Leijh Design Studio designs products that allow our clients to stand out. We believe in a fusion between form and function: a product full of character that really meets the wishes and especially the needs of consumers. The recognisability of our authentic, innovative products is strong. That way, we also strengthen the brand of our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from other agencies due to our objective look at solutions and the wide range of market industries we work for. We are specialised in consumer products in the areas of mobility, furniture, lighting and waste solutions.



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All of Basten Leijh Design Studio’s assignments are lead by founder and owner Basten Leijh. Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, the product designer focuses on concept development and strategic advice as well as design. The aim is to create productions that fuse form and function: timeless products full of character that meet the needs of consumers in an innovative and surprising fashion.

‘Trained in thinking out of the box? Yes, you could say so. During my specialisation 'mobility’ I not only dealt with transportation and routing, but also sitting and waiting.’

When necessary, Basten Leijh can set up a team of experts who together bring all the aspects of an assignment to a good end.

His expertise is also employed by Roels, where he was officially appointed as Creative Director. Roels produces soft seating furniture which they have been delivering to retail and dealer organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium for the past 25 years. He is also a partner of Pedalfactory, the company that manages the production of the Sandwichbikes.

The products of Basten Leijh, like Ahrend Loungescape, Sandwichbikes and Modular Médard have been given numerous international design awards.



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Every project needs it’s expertise. Basten Leijh is working with a wide variety of talented and creative people. They work in close cooperation with Basten and understand his view on design and development process. Working harmoniously with the studio’s clients, the team’s expertise makes it possible to develop product concepts into reality.

Jarek Kosek is an outstanding member of the studio's team and has been guarding the constant quality on all Basten's designs and products for several years now.


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Basten Leijh Design Studio has three aspirations:

Functionality: Bleijh focuses on much more than an attractive end product. In search of the perfect functionality, the industry, target audience, company culture and even production processes are taken into account. That is why Bleijh’s strength, alongside design, is also in concept development and strategic advice.

Associative design: Thanks to Bleijh’s extended portfolio, the knowledge of one branch is transferred to the issues in another branch. This results in unique and surprising modern product solutions that are so characteristic of Bleijh.

Modularity: Bleijh always strives for modularity because it leads to a win-win situation. The production side is often made cost efficient and flexible while it enables users to create a unique product that makes them feel it was specially designed for them.

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