The vision of Basten Leijh

We only have one planet and we have to take care of it. Basten Leijh realized at an early stage that sustainability in a production chain starts at the source: the raw materials you select for making products. In his designs, Basten Leijh always looks at the origin and properties of raw materials (are they recycled, can they be used circularly) and can the raw materials be used to last a long time. The product designs that follow are often timeless, so that they have a long-lasting aesthetic appeal. Add to this the fact that the products that are produced last a long time in terms of quality and can be reused in the chain when they reach the 'end of life cycle'. Good for the world, good for the producer and good for the end user.


At Basten Leijh Design Studio, sustainability not only relates to the product itself, but also to the process that Basten Leijh enters into with the client. By being an active part of the design team and coming to the table at an early stage, synergy is created within the company and connection is created. This promotes the design process, in which Basten Leijh monitors, manages and adjusts all parts of the process with a bird's eye view. In addition to a good learning curve for the client's employees, this method provides a smooth-running design process, time and costs are saved and the end result can be celebrated together.

“I am extremely proud of the various prizes and awards we have been honoured to receive in the past years. Our work has been included in a range of national and international exhibitions. The greatest reward is that so many clients, who are so different from one another, find their way to the studio. Companies such as Ahrend, Gispen and Presikhaaf have asked me to design interior concepts for office, care and educational facilities. I also design architectural lighting for the high-end label Modular Lighting Instruments. Our portfolio continues to grow by the day.”

Basten Leijh, founder and creative director of Basten Leijh Design Studio

Explore and be inspired by the unique concepts Basten Leijh Design Studio has previously realised. If you are curious about the possibilities for yourself or your organisation, contact us by email at or call +31 (0)62 450 77 09 for an obligation-free introductory meeting.