Unique and sustainable

Basten Leijh Design Studio, led by product and concept designer Basten Leijh, has built a diverse and unique portfolio over the years. From interior solutions to bicycles, and from waste collection systems to lighting. Since founding the studio in 2005, Basten Leijh has collaborated closely with a large and multidisciplinary network of creative professionals. Besides designing products and concepts, he also acts as a central hub within that network, choosing the right solution for every occasion and effectively representing the interests of each party. That includes the client and the end user, the manufacturer and the installer.

visie basten leijh design medard ontwerp

Modular and flexible approach to design

Basten also seeks out the best possible balance between the wishes of users and manufacturers and his desire to minimise the environmental footprint of each product. More and more clients are concerned about the environment as well. For this reason, every design product, solution, range and system that Basten designs is modular in nature – meaning it consists of individual modules that can be combined. This offers all kinds of advantages:

  • Clients can compose their own unique configurations, entirely according to their own preferences and wishes;
  • Modular and circular designs ensure more efficient production processes while minimising environmental impact;
  • This often results in product components that can easily be reused, upgraded and/or recycled.
visie basten leijh design modulair

Timeless and functional

Basten Leijh’s designs are always timeless and functional. This is because another major principle of his work is that products must retain their value for a long time. His solutions and systems achieve longevity not only from a sustainability perspective, but in the aesthetic sense as well.

visie basten leijh design award

“I am extremely proud of the various prizes and awards we have been honoured to receive in the past years. Our work has been included in a range of national and international exhibitions. The greatest reward is that so many clients, who are so different from one another, find their way to the studio. Companies such as Ahrend, Gispen and Presikhaaf have asked me to design interior concepts for office, care and educational facilities. I also design architectural lighting for the high-end label Modular Lighting Instruments. Our portfolio continues to grow by the day.”
Basten Leijh, founder and creative director of Basten Leijh Design Studio

Explore and be inspired by the unique concepts Basten Leijh Design Studio has previously realised. If you are curious about the possibilities for yourself or your organisation, contact us by email at info@bleijh.com or call +31 (0)62 450 77 09 for an obligation-free introductory meeting.